Alter Friedhof,  Darmstadt, Germany

In a couple of weeks before I left, I wanted to visit the cemetery in Darmstadt so I asked other people. I even texted people in Hongkong whether they would like to visit a cemetery. I ended up not going. I was kind of sad because I knew it was going to be one of my regrets but I was scared to go alone.

2 days before heading back to Hongkong, I met up with Alan. When we walked pass the cemetery, I told him I wanted to enter.

I grew up in a circle that if I say I want to visit a cemetery, people will answer I am insane. Death is often a taboo. But death will come someday on everyone. It is unavoidable. It must happen.


在我離開前的幾個星期,我很想拜訪 Darmstadt 的墓地,所以我問其他人。我甚至用短訊問身在香港的人,他們想不想去基地一趟。最後我沒有去到。當時我有點傷心,因為我知道它將會成為我其中一個遺憾,但我又害怕自己一個去。

在我回港前的兩天,我與 Alan 碰面。當我們行經一個墓地,我告訴他我想入去。


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  1. i actually think cemeteries are very peaceful and already visit a lot of them when i go to other places..