IMG_8015Central & Admiralty, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China. We have our own administrative system. At the moment the Chief executive of Hongkong is elected by 1200 election committee members. But everyone knows that most of these people are pro-Chinese-government. In 2017 every citizen is granted the right to vote the Chief executive out of 3 candidates. But these 3 candidates are still elected out by these committee members. No matter who the citizens vote for, he/she is still chosen by the Chinese government. Therefore, the movement is to fight for the real "Universal suffrage" and uphold "1 country 2 systems".

1. Not every Hongkonger supports the movement.
2. There is hatred between some Hongkongers and mainland Chinese.
3. The movement was called "Occupy Central". After some incidents, it becomes "Umbrella Revolution".
4. The movement has no leaders.
5. The air quality in the city centers used to be the worst. Now it becomes the best.
6. It is the biggest rally of Hongkong after returning to China from Britain.
7. Original idea of umbrella is to block the pepper spray.

To know more about the movement, google "Umbrella Revolution".
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No violence. Peace.


  1. I think it's great you're using your blog to inform people about what is happening in your city! I read about it in the news but it's nice to hear about it from someone who actually lives in Hongkong.

    I hope you will all stay safe during these times!

  2. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.
    My thoughts are with you!