Teacher of how to enjoy life

It was a game I played with my dear friend Raphaël. He knows how to enjoy life.

These days my heart always beats so fast. Many things are stressing me out or I get stressed easily. Only until a friend said I was overworking myself, did I realize I have been too greedy for trying to handle everything well at the same time.

Yes, it feels like gastralgia. Now my stomach hurts.

這是一個與我親愛的朋友 Raphaël 玩的一個遊戲。他懂得如何享受生活。


(Darmstadt, Germany, July 2014)


  1. Girl, get on a plane and be with that guy! Seriously, don't let distance get in the way of love. Love is precious and rare, it doesn't happen to everyone. Go!

    1. orz

      He is a really good friend of mine but we surely not a couple. These days I am quite stressed, meanwhile I interact with the exchange students in my school quite a lot. So I sometimes think of my most carefree 2-month of time as an exchange student in darmstadt and happened to post this picture. He is the key person for sure. Now I guess there are more readers mistaking it... Anyway thank you!

  2. I apologize for this message. but reading your posts about Germany I sincerely believe that one day you will meet again with Raphaël.
    I'm so sorry if I trouble you.

    1. You didn't trouble me at all! I am so glad to have you as my reader. I really mean it :) Thank you! I am also so looking forward to seeing him again. I wouldn't have believed that I would made this good and great friend, who I learned a lot from, somewhere far away from hongkong.

      *big hug from Kiki*

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